Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time is an autonomous solvent

Time has cure me from some of the things I use to afraid and hatered. 

AFRAID> Dogs, darkness, lots of people (public), blah blah blah
HATERED> men kind, dad, speaking (social phobia), bbb~

Now, still, and always... I have list awaiting to be deal and overcome indeed.

kindness (it's a granted principle for the voices, they always die first!)
pride (I know Im not good, but I think Im fine, so don't try me.)
forgive the people who hurt me intentionally (@#%&*)
yellow eggs (wastage)

Friday, August 7, 2009


Cute...  Tomohiro Waki


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Four Generation

I couldn't remember when was the last time I had a deep look into any shoot (beside someone that I admired XD)... at least I get one this year. Maybe it's something I couldn't have. 

Friday, July 17, 2009

Misc note

^ Too late... I've being exposure for quite some times(long enough to get infection) before I noticed "the notice" and shoot this pic. T_T

I was caught by dad in the midnight still browsing internet in my room,  well he wasn't came for this. He did felt well and asked me to drive him to hospital.

After he refer to the examination room, I feel bored and had a long chat with an old friend that we meet at the front EU. Patients and relative passed by, but I didn't aware about H1N1 until a lady that comes with coughing. 

I was freak out because this lady did not cover her mouth with anything at all, even with her pyjamas or hands. She kept coughing as she walk in. I do a  flash screening, there is like 20 or 30 patient/relative over the waiting room. Oh~ no, I can't go there. So I decide to wait outside at the Ambulance parking area.

I enjoyed annoying people. 1.15am, after nearly one hour of waiting and feeding mosquitos, I start sending message to everyone, well, no body reply. So I start to making calls, didn't pick, didn't pick, didn't pick. Finally, Bong picked my call.

It was half pass one early in the morning, I'm expecting something bad in words. But I missed estimate, she didn't sound so at all. Sigh... This was the best part I addicted about her.

We had conversation for about 15 minutes before both of us are running out of words. I say, I can't hang(up the phone) you, she said, then I'll do... T_T

Dad came out soon after, so we went home. I'm tired but I can't sleep until 4  morning. 

^ Patients kept coming to EU in the midnight. Healthcare professions are tough from every angle I could observed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Journey to get a Torx screwdriver in size 6

Last month my elder brother, Jack received an used 5 megapixel Samsung cellphone from his boss. So I asked him, if he like to let go one of his SE cellphone, he said, "Let me think about it". Which I knew it means~ no way. Because I was familiar with his pattern (we lived together under one roof for two decades), so I came back to him again couple days later, smiled with my bling-bling eyes, "Jackkkk, I like that phonneeeee".  I beged, but I don't actually expect anything, I just never gave up. He suprised me. "Okay, take it, just make sure you don't sell it". 

Yaeh! It's mine now! Well I don't really sell my things if comparing to Jack himself. That just something that he use to say when everytime give something to me.

It was a SE K750i, Jack had used it for construction business for years. The casing was fully scratched, I decide to get it a new look of W800i(this 2 models share the same hardware structure).

How coincident that my friend BlueFish's sister worked with cellphone accessories supplier, so it only cost me Rm15 for the 95% original quality W800i casing. Market price was Rm70~90 with installation. 

The night I get the casing, I can't hardy wait to put it on. But very soon I found out the tranformation process required me to get an extraordinary tools. Well, it was an ordinary SE cellphone tool, but for non regular participant like me... that was the terminology!

Okay. It was 6-point star-shaped pattern screwdriver, I owned one set, but I can't find it anywhere in the house. I remebered last time I bought 2 set, the extra set was given to Ivan to complete his  Gumdams work. So I asked Ivan, "Do you still kept your Torx screwdriver?", unfortunately, this is what I get, "What was that? I can't recall that you have gave me any screwdriver."...

I've been looking every where in the town to find the screwdriver. The sized that used for the phone was 6, shortform T6. I found one in Supersave Store, but when I request to have a test, it wasn't suit, in fact, the whole set in lots of 5 or 6 are wrong labeled the size.

Although if I send the phone to the shop, it could be done by Rm15, but I really want to try myself. Finally, I decided to look on Ebay... so this is what I get

>>1x T6 Torx Screw Driver for Mobile / Cell Phone Repair

USD1.99 convert to Rm was like 7 ringgit plus-plus, and it shiped free. 

For me it's expensive, because last time I bought the whole set with lots of 6 cost me only Rm2. But what can I do, there is no other alternative that I could see to be make... and when I'm just about to click the "buy it now" botton, I discovered a "best offer" button. wiew~~

So, here goes... negotiation started

14 June 6.14pm: sumitted My best offer USD1.31

15 June 9.35am: counter offer USD1.90                 <<<<<<@#$%&

15 June 11.18am: sumitted again My Best offer USD1.50

15 June 11.20am: 2 minutes later >>Your invoice for eBay purchases: 1x T6 Torx Screw Driver for Mobile / Cell Phone Repair (260423196942#)                            

FW:Real Life Hanamichi Sakuragi of Slam Dunk Anime

I just know that Slam Dunk is based on the real life story of a student named "Sakuragi Hanamichi". It's his story and his life which then was made into a manga then an anime!
A student who joined the basketball club just for his girlfriend!

Hanamichi Sakuragi was born in 1968 in a family of the common working class. His mother passed away when he was very young, without the love of his mother he use the violence (out-on-the-street fights) to resolve his problems. As a young boy he was very tall at the age of 12 average 1.75 mts, and his body began to acquire force and a lot of resistance through his fights. Once he had a fight with the students in the sports zone of the University of Tokyo ; his abilities to fight, velocity and to and phycality they attracted the coach of the basketball team, and offered him to join the team.

In a party of practice, at the age of 17, against the National Team of Japan, Hanamichi of 1.89 mts, was the unique one that was not frightened by the professionals and noted 33 points alone: 10 shots, 3 nailed, 1 triple, 1 shot that did not find the terminology to explain, and 2 free shots.

Although its team lost with only 59 points (59 – 115), had been an excellent first game for Hanamichi.� Basketball was in chaos, and he was named “The Hope of the Japanese Basketball”. Nevertheless, its father fell sick a year later. Hanamichi went of return to Tokyo , and this trip would cost him all. He descended of the bus in Tokyo and he was on the verge of crossing the street across the hospital when a car that went very fast hit him . Although he had the “body of steel”, the impact simply was too strong. He collapsed, they carried him to the hospital. Unfortunately it was too late… before they sent him to the operating room died from internal hemorrhage, only with 18 years of age.

The World of the Japanese Basketball was completely destroyed, they called this loss “Colossal”. The mangaca Takehiko Inoue created its series” Slam Dunk” based on the history of this youth.


What a great lesson from Hanamichi Sakuragi~ NO FEARS!!! 

Additional note for myself:

Being Fearless but not being rude, I think I've being a little over recently. 

Friday, July 3, 2009


The earlier days of my vegan life, a girl has asked me. Why do you quit meat? Religious? (In fact, anyone who has talks about this topic with me, are essentially bring out this)I told her. Nope my friend, yes I’m buddish but it was not compulsory to do so and I seek no way it will have me that way. It’s for humanitarian, only for this reason I am giving up the life of T-rex. 

As she seems to be a holy Christian, I mentioned, “I think Christian has been practice this too.” In a flash, she had every thing concentrate here to me with an unbelievable facial expression. Her voice turned into a higher tone in the manner, “Where did you get that”? Im mute for a few second, it was hard to say but still I told her honesty, I read in a vegan book, though it was published by buddish society. The ghost of a smile played round her lips. “This is Bullshit!” There goes, Im totally out of words this time.

Yesterday I found this in wiki mentioned Christian vegetarianism inside the Topic of Vegetarianism. I just briefly read, but I post it for every Christian that has a doubt-ion with Christian vegetarianism. (P/s: for them who object that wiki has no fact base… okay, for that reason, you shouldn’t wiwi-kiki for rest of life.)


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The 'basketball girl' diaries

By Matt Hodges

Updated: 2008-06-06 11:25


Twelve-year-old Qian Hongyan looks like a Subbuteo player when she is out of the pool and a little mermaid when she is in it.

But even Walt Disney could not have imagined the life story of China's double amputee swimming prodigy, who has a removable basbetball where her lower body should be.

"I think living inside a basketball is fine," the freestyle specialist whom local media have nicknamed 'Basketball Girl', told China Daily by phone. "I can do everything other people can do. I can even run, just very slowly."

Eight years after getting mangled under the wheels of an overloaded truck, China's predicted future Paralympic star has become a symbol of hope for a country still scarred by images of children escaping debris in Sichuan province with their limbs missing.

After losing both her legs at the age of four, Qian picked up what was left of her life and is now set to compete at the 2010 Asian Paralympic Games in Guangzhou and the London 2012 Paralympics.

"She's one of the best Paralympic swimmers in China for her age, easily world top 10," said Zhang Honggu, who started the South of the Clouds Swimming Club for the Disabled in Kunming, Yunnan province, where Qian trains.

"She is still fresh to the sport, having barely spent one year in the pool, so we're not taking any chances with her," added coach Li Keqiang. "We don't want to do anything that may damage her confidence."

When she came to the swimming club, the first of its kind in China, last August, she was "weighed down with sorrow, quiet, and introverted," said Zhang. "Now she is outgoing and cheerful."

Her story is an antidote to the tales of woe that followed the May 12 earthquake which tore through China's mountainous heartland.

"I just remember when I woke up, my legs felt very cold," Qian said of what happened in Yunnan's Qujing city on Oct 21, 2000, days after Kylie Minogue kicked off the 2000 Sydney Paralympics with a rendition of the hit song "Celebration."

"I said, 'Mum, put my shoes on for me,' but my mum didn't say anything. Her tears fell onto my face and I found that, for the rest of my life, I wouldn't have to wear socks, or shoes, or even pants again," the China Police Daily quoted her as saying in 2005.

Her mother felt guilty because, when the truck hit, Qian had been rushing to fetch a key to their house from nearby field. One of Qian's friends made it to the other side of the road. The other did not even make it to hospital.

Some time later, her grandfather spotted a broken old basketball while visiting relatives. He sliced it open and dropped her inside, like a pot plant.

"He brought it home and put me inside it. The first time I got inside, I felt very, very happy. I thought it was awesome," she said.

Now Qian serves as a striking metaphor in a country that has seen its international sporting prowess highlighted by NBA star Yao Ming: she is a future star athlete who is literally growing out of a basketball.

Qian's story and the recent success of foreign stars like Oscar Pistorius and Natalie du Toit promises to raise the profile of the Paralympics, which is often regarded as little more than a footnote to the Olympics.

Du Toit, a one-legged swimmer from South Africa, made history in recent weeks by qualifying for the Beijing Olympics, while compatriot Pistorius, a double amputee sprinter, won a lengthy legal battle to become eligible for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Both have helped blur the boundaries between differently-abled and able-bodied sports stars.

"All of us have an iron will," said Qian. "Maybe that is because we have disabilities and we have experienced so much."

At South of the Clouds, China's primary training base for its Beijing 2008 Paralympic squad, Qian said she discovered a level playing field.

"No one stares at me here because we're all the same."

Her best friend is training partner Han Dan, who has no hands. Wei Mei has returned to her orphanage, and Qian does not know if they will meet again.

"I used to envy my classmates a lot. After school, they always went back home running and jumping, but I can't do that. But when I'm in the water, I'm the same as them, and this is the reason why I love swimming."

"It's very difficult to keep my balance in the water because I don't have legs, so my bottom swings around. That's the biggest problem for me."

These days she uses artificial limbs at times, which she needs to change every year, but she prefers the basketball.

"I also need to change it every five or six months, because it gets rubbed down when I'm walking.

"If one day I grow too big to live inside it, I'll just use a wheelchair. But the wheelchair is so inconvenient. I can't get up the stairs in it."

At the end of the day, she will do whatever it takes to make her stronger.

"I want to win medals, a lot of gold medals, the more the better. Right now my only dream is the Olympics (Paralympics)."

In this regard, China's little mermaid is no different from the rest of its athletes.


Note of Master Sheng-yen

I'm the kind that could easily offense in certain issue, neither angry or obsess as result. My temper never turns better. However not much people have witness this horrendous side of me. I keep them with me as much as possible. 

I have this little note of Master Sheng-yen in my cell phone for emergency. I'll read it and read it until I find my peace again. 


Replayed "House of Fury" (2005).  I madly love this movie when the time it release, but I couldn't recall any of the cast, story nor even the title itself.

Obviously I had forgotten how cute Stephen Fung was, maybe his androgynous apparel, and now Im falling into him, again. His hair... Oh! I must have it. Wait~ wait! I think I had same one last year. Gosh~ 

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whistle for security.

I went POPULAR try to get a new B5 Clear Folder. Unfortunately, the section was closed for stock checking. Since I just arrive and want to enjoy some more cool fresh air, I decide to sneak a while before lunch. The bookstore has selected plenty of interesting yet useful stuff to be introduce for customers and this whistle draw my attention today.

For safety and security concerned, I had one myself. I hooked it up with keys and it works as keychain in regular purpose. The blow I used was FOX 40 classic, most notable within its kind. In fact, it was exactly the same model which used in World Cup, NLF League, so and on. The manual has emphasizing user not to blow within 1.5 meter to anything alive. The possible of causing hearing lost is present at maximum sound output of 115 decibels.

Eventually, I turn out nervous rather than security every time when some of my friends try to blow it. They don't ask, because whistle was personal, they aimed and grab as fast possible... Not forgotten, I have do the cleaning later on. T_T

Regardless, I'll still keep my FOX 40 in pocket, its better save than sorry.

I choose the Classic (Black), cost about USD 8...  all others colour will sold just for half it's price, now I understand "Classic" means.

Well FOX 40 has made some model just focusing on mountain surviving or safety needs.

Test 123...

Took me a hour to think about the title... and describe selection. 

I can't write impromptu like some people. Need a nap before library. Later.