Friday, July 17, 2009

Misc note

^ Too late... I've being exposure for quite some times(long enough to get infection) before I noticed "the notice" and shoot this pic. T_T

I was caught by dad in the midnight still browsing internet in my room,  well he wasn't came for this. He did felt well and asked me to drive him to hospital.

After he refer to the examination room, I feel bored and had a long chat with an old friend that we meet at the front EU. Patients and relative passed by, but I didn't aware about H1N1 until a lady that comes with coughing. 

I was freak out because this lady did not cover her mouth with anything at all, even with her pyjamas or hands. She kept coughing as she walk in. I do a  flash screening, there is like 20 or 30 patient/relative over the waiting room. Oh~ no, I can't go there. So I decide to wait outside at the Ambulance parking area.

I enjoyed annoying people. 1.15am, after nearly one hour of waiting and feeding mosquitos, I start sending message to everyone, well, no body reply. So I start to making calls, didn't pick, didn't pick, didn't pick. Finally, Bong picked my call.

It was half pass one early in the morning, I'm expecting something bad in words. But I missed estimate, she didn't sound so at all. Sigh... This was the best part I addicted about her.

We had conversation for about 15 minutes before both of us are running out of words. I say, I can't hang(up the phone) you, she said, then I'll do... T_T

Dad came out soon after, so we went home. I'm tired but I can't sleep until 4  morning. 

^ Patients kept coming to EU in the midnight. Healthcare professions are tough from every angle I could observed.

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