Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Journey to get a Torx screwdriver in size 6

Last month my elder brother, Jack received an used 5 megapixel Samsung cellphone from his boss. So I asked him, if he like to let go one of his SE cellphone, he said, "Let me think about it". Which I knew it means~ no way. Because I was familiar with his pattern (we lived together under one roof for two decades), so I came back to him again couple days later, smiled with my bling-bling eyes, "Jackkkk, I like that phonneeeee".  I beged, but I don't actually expect anything, I just never gave up. He suprised me. "Okay, take it, just make sure you don't sell it". 

Yaeh! It's mine now! Well I don't really sell my things if comparing to Jack himself. That just something that he use to say when everytime give something to me.

It was a SE K750i, Jack had used it for construction business for years. The casing was fully scratched, I decide to get it a new look of W800i(this 2 models share the same hardware structure).

How coincident that my friend BlueFish's sister worked with cellphone accessories supplier, so it only cost me Rm15 for the 95% original quality W800i casing. Market price was Rm70~90 with installation. 

The night I get the casing, I can't hardy wait to put it on. But very soon I found out the tranformation process required me to get an extraordinary tools. Well, it was an ordinary SE cellphone tool, but for non regular participant like me... that was the terminology!

Okay. It was 6-point star-shaped pattern screwdriver, I owned one set, but I can't find it anywhere in the house. I remebered last time I bought 2 set, the extra set was given to Ivan to complete his  Gumdams work. So I asked Ivan, "Do you still kept your Torx screwdriver?", unfortunately, this is what I get, "What was that? I can't recall that you have gave me any screwdriver."...

I've been looking every where in the town to find the screwdriver. The sized that used for the phone was 6, shortform T6. I found one in Supersave Store, but when I request to have a test, it wasn't suit, in fact, the whole set in lots of 5 or 6 are wrong labeled the size.

Although if I send the phone to the shop, it could be done by Rm15, but I really want to try myself. Finally, I decided to look on Ebay... so this is what I get

>>1x T6 Torx Screw Driver for Mobile / Cell Phone Repair

USD1.99 convert to Rm was like 7 ringgit plus-plus, and it shiped free. 

For me it's expensive, because last time I bought the whole set with lots of 6 cost me only Rm2. But what can I do, there is no other alternative that I could see to be make... and when I'm just about to click the "buy it now" botton, I discovered a "best offer" button. wiew~~

So, here goes... negotiation started

14 June 6.14pm: sumitted My best offer USD1.31

15 June 9.35am: counter offer USD1.90                 <<<<<<@#$%&

15 June 11.18am: sumitted again My Best offer USD1.50

15 June 11.20am: 2 minutes later >>Your invoice for eBay purchases: 1x T6 Torx Screw Driver for Mobile / Cell Phone Repair (260423196942#)                            


  1. Cool, waiting for the shipment now? what a journey huh^^

  2. well, I just make the payment about an hour ago, my sis that came back from KL, she walked into my room and hand me the Torx set of mine. She was the one who took it! No wonders I can't find it anywhere. My USD 1.50... T_T

    But think for positive side, I can start the work right now...(maybe right after I bring her jalan2). Some more I can post the new trox screw in Lelong and resell it. Hopefully so.