Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whistle for security.

I went POPULAR try to get a new B5 Clear Folder. Unfortunately, the section was closed for stock checking. Since I just arrive and want to enjoy some more cool fresh air, I decide to sneak a while before lunch. The bookstore has selected plenty of interesting yet useful stuff to be introduce for customers and this whistle draw my attention today.

For safety and security concerned, I had one myself. I hooked it up with keys and it works as keychain in regular purpose. The blow I used was FOX 40 classic, most notable within its kind. In fact, it was exactly the same model which used in World Cup, NLF League, so and on. The manual has emphasizing user not to blow within 1.5 meter to anything alive. The possible of causing hearing lost is present at maximum sound output of 115 decibels.

Eventually, I turn out nervous rather than security every time when some of my friends try to blow it. They don't ask, because whistle was personal, they aimed and grab as fast possible... Not forgotten, I have do the cleaning later on. T_T

Regardless, I'll still keep my FOX 40 in pocket, its better save than sorry.

I choose the Classic (Black), cost about USD 8...  all others colour will sold just for half it's price, now I understand "Classic" means.

Well FOX 40 has made some model just focusing on mountain surviving or safety needs.

Test 123...

Took me a hour to think about the title... and describe selection. 

I can't write impromptu like some people. Need a nap before library. Later.