Friday, July 3, 2009


The earlier days of my vegan life, a girl has asked me. Why do you quit meat? Religious? (In fact, anyone who has talks about this topic with me, are essentially bring out this)I told her. Nope my friend, yes I’m buddish but it was not compulsory to do so and I seek no way it will have me that way. It’s for humanitarian, only for this reason I am giving up the life of T-rex. 

As she seems to be a holy Christian, I mentioned, “I think Christian has been practice this too.” In a flash, she had every thing concentrate here to me with an unbelievable facial expression. Her voice turned into a higher tone in the manner, “Where did you get that”? Im mute for a few second, it was hard to say but still I told her honesty, I read in a vegan book, though it was published by buddish society. The ghost of a smile played round her lips. “This is Bullshit!” There goes, Im totally out of words this time.

Yesterday I found this in wiki mentioned Christian vegetarianism inside the Topic of Vegetarianism. I just briefly read, but I post it for every Christian that has a doubt-ion with Christian vegetarianism. (P/s: for them who object that wiki has no fact base… okay, for that reason, you shouldn’t wiwi-kiki for rest of life.)

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