Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time is an autonomous solvent

Time has cure me from some of the things I use to afraid and hatered. 

AFRAID> Dogs, darkness, lots of people (public), blah blah blah
HATERED> men kind, dad, speaking (social phobia), bbb~

Now, still, and always... I have list awaiting to be deal and overcome indeed.

kindness (it's a granted principle for the voices, they always die first!)
pride (I know Im not good, but I think Im fine, so don't try me.)
forgive the people who hurt me intentionally (@#%&*)
yellow eggs (wastage)


  1. are u saying you are afraid of the yoke? Please eat it together with the egg white!!! \(^o^)/

    sorry if i misunderstood LOL

    "men kind"---referring to male human or mankind as in all human 人類?

  2. both... man kind, especially male. XD